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Your Managed Service Solutions

Pronet Gaming’s in-house fully managed service, Focused, provides both operational and marketing services and optimises the way that operators manage their brands, freeing up the time they need to spend on day-to-day tasks allowing them to concentrate on providing first-class entertainment.

Our graphic design team will tailor-make an advertising inventory to fit each and every country/region of operation and create high-quality images to convert your target audience into frequent customers whilst being up-to-date with the latest design trends, tools and technologies.

In terms of payment processing, our team can handle all withdrawal requests, following the strict KYC and AML procedures per the relevant country, as well as anti-bonus abuse procedures – with the team working in direct collaboration with the risk management team in order to have a 360° view of the customers’ activity.

As part of Focused, first tier customer service supports all basic queries, first level technical difficulties, game related questions, etc. All teams work in the relevant languages and hours to the targeted country – and the team’s methods of communication are email based as well as chat based, live communication with the customers and outgoing calls.

Our VIP services mean that your top tier players are handled by an expert team of sales and marketing personnel in different languages, trained to adopt to the needs of each player individually and adept at KYC requirements of each market, providing a safe gaming environment to any of the players in their portfolio.

Our team’s CRM capabilities include data segmentation as well as daily, weekly and monthly promotions, working on all channels of communications, from phone calls to messaging on WhatsApp, email and SMS, which is also supported by leading AI and BI abilities.

When it comes to risk management, Focused offers credit card and APM’s fraud prevention, done by the combination of live monitoring of all incoming and outgoing transactions, special fraud prevention tools and tailor-made risk management procedures that are practiced by our risk management specialists.

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