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BetX Pro
The Exchange of the Future

Upgrade your offering with a full 360 betting exchange solution. Flexible, user-friendly and instantly customisable, our betting exchange platform BetX Pro is available as a white-label product or it can seamlessly integrate into your existing website as an iFrame product

Dynamic iFrame

iFrame Integration

Our flexible and dynamic iFrame offers a fully comprehensive and seamless integration experience into an existing product or website, whether it be sportsbook, casino or otherwise, keeping your customer base intact

Your brand

Your Brand, Your Way

Our intuitively designed platform allows you to effortlessly customise and update your website – offering total configuration flexibility from branding, languages, multiple currencies and more

Market Leading Prices

We are committed to offering competitive prices with razor-thin margins. As a result, BetX Pro ensures customers access the most favourable odds available in the market, maximising the potential for attractive returns. Users can also optimise their betting strategies by customising their own pricing, odds and margins

Various Markets

BetX Pro covers a wide array of sports and events, providing users with a rich selection of markets to explore. From popular mainstream sports to niche markets, there’s something for every type of customer, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience

Pooled Liquidity

Our exchange ecosystem offers a dynamic and interconnected network with customers driving the action, while market makers, odds providers and others contribute to liquidity and pricing within the various exchange markets

Expert Guidance

Clients receive consultancy guidance from our team of industry experts across both B2B and B2C, encompassing a multijurisdictional viewpoint, to support your business growth