Bobby Longhurst Talks About Capitalising on Complacency

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CCO Bobby Longhurst, spoke to CasinoBeats about targeting new and emerging markets throughout 2020

A 2020 target of new and emerging markets has been set, why is this so?

Emerging markets give operators the chance to grow their brand and reap the rewards of offering players in these areas the best possible content available.

For too long operators have been complacent when it comes to working in the likes of Africa and Asia, offering them a one-size-fits-all solution which works, but ultimately falls short in terms of fully capitalising on the potential on offer.

However, we’ll be doing it slightly differently and offering operators within these regions a perfectly-tailored solution in order to squeeze out every bit of potential possible.

Here at Pronet Gaming we have not only worked hard to put together a comprehensive omni-channel solution covering online, mobile and retail across both casino and sport, but also the experience and knowledge behind the scenes.

This perfect blend of technology and talent will able us to take operator offerings to the next level.

Which regions/nations hold particular interest for Pronet and why?

Africa is certainly one that catches the attention of both operators and ourselves, especially when it comes to sportsbook offerings. It’s a sports-mad continent and player betting trends highlight that.

Unsurprisingly, football commands the majority of money through Africa and accumulators, just like around the UK on a Saturday, are the most popular bet types thanks to their small outlay and potential big wins.

But there are other components making emerging African markets hugely exciting, such as growing mobile adoption rates as the hardware becomes cheaper and more accessible to potential players.

Smartphone penetration has gazumped desktop to rival retail operations in many countries within the UK and with a growing affluency throughout Africa, it’s an exciting time to target the market.

Personalisation was a particularly common topic at ICE this year. How much of a factor is this when targeting new markets?

The gambling industry is constantly evolving and the personalisation of solutions is no exception. In fact, it’s the key to operator’s thriving in new markets rather than just surviving.

Perhaps wrongly, it was often assumed that emerging markets need less of a service than mature markets and operators were often only too happy to take the less riskier way out.

However, just because the player journey is just beginning in these new markets, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve both the best and also a fully-tailored offering designed to suit their wants.

As mentioned, just because a solution may work in Malta, it doesn’t mean it will work in African markets. It’s also important to treat players in Kenya differently to those working in Nigeria.

Each market is different. Players will have different betting habits, preferences when it comes to staking, the method of bet and how often they bet so local expertise and knowledge is a must.

By offering both the technology and this imperative knowledge, we are able to offer even the most demanding players the solutions they deserve on the platform they deserve.

In a recent media release you stated, ‘we believe our products are industry leading and offer a real point of difference.’ What makes you stand out from the competition?

Not only is our portfolio of casino offerings and volume of sport betting markets and events industry-leading, but we also have the technology and behind-the-scenes knowledge to back it up.

Operators can either choose to run sportsbook and casino simultaneously, or just take one solution. While they can also pick and choose which markets and offerings they want to offer their players.

The time is now for operators to capitalise on these emerging markets and by offering a truly bespoke solution we can be the ones who ensure they deliver it to their deserving players.

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